Hockey prediction Columbus goalkeeper Tarasov about the operation: If he hadn`t done it, there could have been problems. Now I feel great. Lack of game tone

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Columbus goalkeeper Daniil Tarasov spoke about his recovery after surgery.

Last winter, the 23-year-old goalkeeper underwent surgery on his hip, due to which he completely missed the second half of the 2021/22 season.

- There are no problems with physics, I did a good job in the summer and I feel great. Psychologically, I`m fine too, I had a similar experience when I missed a whole year. There is not enough game mentioned by faq nhl tips tone, you need to remember how to act in certain situations.

- It was more difficult from a psychological point of view, it was difficult to accept that I was missing part of the season. I tried to push those thoughts away as quickly as possible. At first, of course, it was not easy to watch that the guys were training and playing, and I was being treated. It`s good that at least the start of the season was not.

- If I hadn`t done it, problems could arise in the future.

No, it started almost immediately. The doctor who performed the operation gave papers that included step-by-step exercises and procedures to be done. I used a special device that developed my leg after the operation. First, he went through rehabilitation in Cleveland, since the apartment was paid for, and went to the arena on our website to the doctors. About a month later we moved to Columbus, and continued to recover there.

- The operation was in February, and I went on the ice in June, at first I skated without a uniform. After such a pause, it was, of course, unusual to skate, but I quickly remembered everything, "said Tarasov.
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