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The vice-president of the German Tennis Federation Dirk Hordorf addressed very strong words to Roger Federer. Hordorf called the Swiss irresponsible and said he had used his influence on the ATP Players` Council to persuade the association to introduce the current ranking and thus defend its position. After the tour had to be suspended for five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ATP management decided to freeze the rankings until the tournaments resumed in August. Shortly afterwards, the current rule was introduced, according to which players` scores do not take into account their results from the last 12 months, as is the usual practice, but their best 18 results for the last 22 months.

In front of the Tennisnet podcast. com Quiet, please Hordorf said that Federer, who played in only one tournament this year, managed to stay in the Top 5 of the rankings only thanks to the new system. Roger Federer changed the way the rankings are formed to defend his position. I think this is irresponsible and incorrect. I think he took advantage of his position on the players` board. If it weren`t for the current system, he wouldn`t even be in the Top 50, the vice president of the German federation was adamant. Recent calculations have shown that under the old system, Federer would now be in 29th place instead of the 5th he currently occupies. The numbers unequivocally show that the Swiss is indeed most benefited by the current situation.

The results prediction by faq nhl tips of the ATP Finals, which are the 19th tournament of the year for those participating, will be taken into account for two years. This is perverted! said Hordorf.

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