Hockey predictions Oklahoma City also rocked the Golden State

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Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroeder deepened the crisis in the ranks of the Golden State. Oklahoma City shook the champions and won his visit to Oakland with 28 points difference - 128:95, making it the fourth consecutive loss of the opponent and a total of six in the last eight games.

The most points for the winners were Dennis Schroeder, who fought the 32-minute bench for just 28 minutes. Paul George finished 25, Stephen Adams scored 20, and Russell Westbrook recorded another three-doubles in his account, this time with 11 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists. The guests gave three victims after Hamidou Diallo, Terence Ferguson and Nerlens Noel left the match from contacts with hockey picks with various injuries.

The hosts, who are still without Steph Curry and Dramond Green, shot only 24% of the three (7/29), and in the last quarter scored only 16 points, while allowing 36 in their basket. Kevin Durant and Clay Thompson put 27 on the Golden State, but only scored 4 out of 12 firing at a distance.

Warriors have not allowed four consecutive losses since 2013 when this occurs between February 26 and March 2. The two bad series of NBA champions are divided by exactly 450 games. This is their first such series since Steve Kear is at the head of the club.

For the hosts it was only a second loss of 10 matches at home. Their asset is 12-7, while the ACS is 11-6.

Blog of hockey predictions