Federer`s magic saved him from the unsuspecting Isner in Chicago

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The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles Roger Federer saved two matches and three tiebreaks (one champion) overcame John Isner`s indomitable resistance to a true thriller at United Center in Chicago - 6:7 (5), 7:6 (6), 10-7!

The Maestro played real alien balls in the moments when he had to fight for survival in the match, then broke the unstoppable Isner and brought three points to a Europe team. The evening began with no less dramatic victory of Isner and Jack Socks against Federer and Alexander Zverev, with which World Team drew 8:7. The Old Continent has already returned its lead thanks to the Swiss victory - 10:7 for a Europe team with the remaining two games to the end.

The next match is between Zverev and Kevin Anderson, and Europe needs another victory for the ultimate success, while South Africa`s victory is needed for World Cup and eventual last day`s match mentioned by hockey-predictions between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kirough. The first set went completely as expected, when two exceptionally solid serving sets. Federer lost only one point in his betting and was effective enough from an initial strike to keep up with Isner`s pace. He was also in a serious robotic regime and also did not allow for even a breakthrough, while at the same time he was quite equidistant in the few runs from the baseline.

So, quite logically, it came to a tiebreak, and the first minivan came after Federer`s beautiful forehand block, after which Isner sent the ball to the net shortly before the main line with a forehand across the diagonal. The Swiss instantly confirmed them with two easy points after a powerful serve to lead 4:1. His advantage, however, was quickly wiped out by Isner, who had so far only won one point of welcome, but still returned a mini-beard and even first came to sitball. It was realized with an astonishing twist-winner from a forehand on the reverse diagonal with which the 209-cm American wins his great rival - 7:6 (5).

In 3:3, Federer`s two striking passes - from forehand and particularly glamorous from backhand - led him to his first two chances for a breakthrough. Unfortunately, however, even Isner`s second serve was effective enough to prevent a break in a breakthrough, and shortly after 5:4 in his favor, Federer was once more astonished by pushing his serve-game into a duchess. The six-wheeled winner with a maximum short diagonal risk beat the Swiss and bring Isnar a match, and he even went into play after the Fed`s initial blow, but he was wrong forehand and then the Maestro was merciless on the main line. At 5:5, however, the American succumbed to the tension and doubled in trouble for 0-30, but unintentional inaccuracies from Federer`s rocket inspired him to make a turn within the game and lead 6:5. Surprisingly or not, the intrigue stayed alive, and the set also entered a tiebreak where they exchanged a minivan after uninduced mistakes before Federer again failed a remarkably well-established forward-to-out action on a short diagonal out. Thus Isner received two matches, the first one reflected by Maestr`s ace

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