Cristiano broke down the catastrophe at the end and saved Real from a shotgun

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Spain`s Real Madrid champion drew the three points in his visit to Getafe in a match according hockey-predictions of the eighth round of La Liga, finishing 2: 1 for the `white`. Karim Benzema led the European king with a goal in the 39th minute, but Jorge Molina`s (56) shot back to a draw. In the 85th Cristiano Ronaldo brought the three points with his first goal in the Primera Liga. The 73-year-old Portuguese really looked like a curse after making a spectacular pass around a meter.

The restored Karim Benzema returned to the top of the attack, assisted by the Portuguese, Marco Asencio and Lucas Vasquez. Young Ashraf Hakimi again got a chance in the absence of Daniel Carvajal. Luka Modric and Isko sat down on the bench. Pepe Bordallas chose a 4-2-3-1 circuit with a jerk Jorge Molina.

The beginning of the game was calm, gradually `white` going forward more confidently. In the 11th minute, viewers witnessed the first serious danger. Benzema received the ball in doubt of ambush, the French striker mastered his back to the door and handed to Cristiano, who fired powerfully without a delay of 16 meters, and Vicente Guaita showed an exceptional reflex and killed the low ball. In the 19th Kiko Cassiya came out unread, but Jorge Molina headed over the bar after Faisal Fajir`s pass. It was not very interesting on the pitch, and the point of celebrating is the entry of a fan in the 22nd minute. Dressed with Real`s team, he undoubtedly approached Cristiano Ronaldo. The shares of Los Merenges ended relatively early and without any hits. In the 28th Lucas Vasquez broke to the right and centered on the first beam, where Benzema tried an attractive performance but was stopped by the included Sergio Ramos.

In the 31st Santiago Bernabeu guests` captain requested a penalty for detention, but before that there was an ambush. A minute later, Ronaldo pulled the power in a 21-meter stroke - the goalkeeper had chosen a good position and managed. In the 36th, Benzema received space for a kick and used it, sending the ball dangerously over the beam. The 39th champions managed to find the result. After a defeat in the defense of the `blue` Karim advanced and realized with a nice shot at the diagonal - 0: 1.

In 53st Kristiano received the ball in front of the small penal field, but the goalkeeper was very close and managed. The defeated ball hit Marcelo, who made a technical blow to the assault, and Guaita managed to replicate, knocking over the beam. In the 56th, the hosts developed a good attack, a low center on the right, the ball deviated from Ramos and then one from Molina and Marcos Iorrete knocked it to the far corner - 1: 1. The repetitions showed that there was an ambush of the attacker. In the 66th Kristiano kicks a bomb from a direct free kick, but the ball went about a meter to the left of Guaita`s left beam. In the 72nd Zinedine Zidane decided to give new energy to the squad with the inclusion of Isco and Theo Hernandez. At 73, nobody believed what Cristiano did. The Portuguese missed an empty one-meter-long door. A defender of Heta handed the ball to him as one of his easiest career goals, but Ronaldo did not hit her well and amazed everyone.

In the 85th, the Portuguese finally broke the crate and scored in Spanish?

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