LeBron once again cut Toronto

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LeBron James scored a 105-point-103 win against Cleveland against Toronto in the third playoff match between the two teams of the National Basketball League of the United States and Canada (NBA). That`s how the Cavs led 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Series and will be able to close it in four games, as they did last year.

Raptors scored the score with a newbie in Oggua Anunobi`s league according buy ice-hockey picks just eight seconds before the end, but James caught a pass in the following attack, dribbled to the opponent`s basket and scored two points in front of the shocked guest bench. The King not only won the match, but also improved the everlasting record of balls in the playoffs with 399 and four more than ScottyPippen. James finished the match with 38 points, Kevin Love added 21 and won 16 rebounds, and Kyle Corver recorded 18 points for Cavis. Kyle Lorrie scored 27 points for Toronto, which managed to equalize the score in the last quarter, although the star Demar Derozen was on the bench. Al Horford scored a defeat late in the Boston victory with 101:98 against

Philadelphia, with Celtics leading 3:0 in the series. Horford was just 5. 5 seconds before the end and Boston made an advance at 99:98, and then finished the hosts with two accurate firings from the offense line.

Championship of the US and Canada National Basketball League (NBA), playoff games:

Philadelphia - Boston 98:101 after the Boston
3:0 victories in the series.

Cleveland - Toronto 105:103

* Cleveland led with 3:0 victories in the series.

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