While in pieces, Barca achieved an impressive record

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The Barcelona team made another major step to the Premier title after a 2-1 victory over Valencia in a 32nd round match predicted by link to hockey prediction played against 69, 544 spectators at Camp Nou. The `white-black` Valencians have missed a lot of advantageous positions and failed to take advantage of the absent game in defense of their rival. At the same time, the `blue-red` showed effectiveness in assault and realized through Luis Suarez (15) and Samuel Yumtiti (51). However, Daniel Pareho scored for the visitors in the 87th minute of the penalty shootout. Barca scored the 39th consecutive championship defeat without a defeat, pasting the record of Real Sociedad in 38 games. `Los Cules` temporarily drew 14 points in front of Atletico Madrid and 18 in front of Real Madrid.

Suarez and Lionel Messi attacked in front positions supported by Philippe Coettinho and Andres Iniesta. Paulinho went to replace Ivan Rakitic. Marseilino ranked 4-4-2 with Santi Mina and Rodrigo Moreno in attack.

`The bats` stepped more confidently on the pitch and first organized a good action. In the fourth minute, Gonzalo Gedesh made a good 21-meter shot, but Mark-Andre Ter Stegen managed to kill one hand. In the sixth Andres Iniesta broke through to the outing and took out the ball for uncovered Luis Suarez, who started to shoot without delay, but did not hit the ball well. In the eighth Santa Mina he made a good turn from the left but did not finish with a shot or just a shot.

In the 15th, Kouttinho`s mastery shone and gave the lead to Lose Cooks. The Brazilian gave a cover for Luis Suarez, who alone in front of the goal keeper pointed at the nearby corner of six meters - 1:0. There followed a few misses for Mestya`s guests. In 18th, Gonzalo Gedes fired to the right corner, but Ter Stegen saved. Two minutes later the blaugranas defeat failed to clear the ball again, and it fell to Gedez`s foot, firing 16 meters high, but only after the ricochet came to the corner.

The 24th Ter Stegen was wrong with the ball and the `white-black` got an excellent goal opportunity. Rodrigo shoots for seven meters, the German goalkeeper reacts and knocks the ball, which has fallen somewhere around the junction. The 34th Samuel Umtiti was thrown into the penalty area and blocked Rodrigo`s blow. Three minutes later, Gedesh turned left, and uncovered Mina did not make a good head shot.

In the 43rd Superbike Pique handed directly to Gedesh in the penalty area. The Portuguese did not get well and did not make an adequate shot. Barca did not know how to retire on vacation with a nose after creating a single goal opportunity, and Ter Stegen`s door was really dirty and a dozen beats hit.

In the 50th defense of the barcelona, he showed again what an awkward state he is. Yumtiti gave the ball and two Valerian players jumped alone against Pique, Rodrigo crossed the goal but Pique slaughtered the goal. A minute later `moose that` took a second shot. After cornering, Yumtiti was dropped on the first beam and scored 2-0. This was the fifth assistant to Coutinho when he arrived in Barca.

The second goal broke the Valencia outfit. In the 70s, Messi centers on Andres Iniesta, who has a lot of attraction?

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