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The names of the sixteen teams that continue their way to the dream of college basketball have more surprising players than favorites. Martian madness began on March 15 with a total of 64 teams, and so far in 14 cases, lower-ranking teams have eliminated their higher rivals. The most recent case is the dropping of last year`s North Carolina champion. Tar Hays left Big Dance after losing a 21 point difference from Texas A u0026 M - 65:86. The rulers of 2017 were No. 2 in the Western region while their executioners were placed under No. 7. This was not the only sensation in the West, where the tournament according ice hockey livescore also left No. 1 in the region, Zayeur. The Musketeers lost 70:75 from the Florida State (No. 9).

The tale of Loyola Chicago continues with full force, and in the first round placed under No. 11 in the South to throw Miami with a troy in the last second, now they quarreled with another favorite, defeating with 63:62 placed under No. 3of Tennessee after 63:62. In the next round, the Rambels will face Nevada, whose basketball players in turn have moved away No. 2 in the Cincinnati region after 75:73. In this match, Nevada returned and won after 22 points.

Syracuse has dealt with the Michigan State with 55:53 and so for the second consecutive round wins a higher rated team after in the first phase eliminated Texas Christian. The last 16 rivals of the orange will be Duke.

Here`s what the fights look like for the next phase:


Kansas Seat (No. 9) - Kentucky ( 5)

Loyola Chicago ( 11) - Nevada ( 7)


Florida State (No9) - Gonzaga (No4)

Michigan (No3) - Texas A u0026 amp; M (No7)


Vilanova (No1) - West Virginia (No5)

Purdue (No2) - Texas Tek (No3)

Middle West

Kansas (No1) - Clemson (No5)

Syracuse (No11) - Duke (No2)

Blog of hockey predictions