Bernabu has not seen such a Zidane for years, Marca says

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Real Madrid overcame the crisis, for which he lost chances for the title in Spain. The world club champion again played hard and is still a favorite for the Champions League success, with no one wanting to be a rival of the upcoming draw for the 1/4-finals. The Marca newspaper analyzes how coach Zinedine Zidane manages to deal with the problems.

Over the years, many mentors have come and gone from Real Madrid, but none of them have managed to impose their authority over players in such a fierce fashion. No one in the club according link to hockey prediction has imagined such a dressing room that is so dedicated and involved with its coach, who does not stop showing that he is the best man, according to the Madrid edition. Zidan has the reputation of a man who makes heavy decisions that are not well received by his competitors, Marca continues. `But he does this with a touch - a feature he has acquired in his years as an elite football player, thus avoiding conflicts. Take the rage as an example when Pari Saint Germain Uane Emery`s mentor left Angel De Maria on the bench for the first match against the Bloc Blossom in WS. Or even bigger scandals alongside Edison Cavani and Neymar for that penalty at the start of the season. At the same time, recently, in Madrid, Gareth Bale was stuck in the reserves for several important meetings, but he accepted this calmly. Also in support of Cristiano Ronaldo gave Karim Benzema a penalty shoot-out against Alayes. The essence of Zidane`s self-confidence in making important decisions, and most often they turn out to be right. More recently, Bale and Isco are on the bench, but Rafael Varan, James Rodriguez and Marco Asencio have come up against this, and most of them regretfully, bending their heads so they can go upstairs.

Currently, none of the players that are not Zuzu`s favorites say even a bad word about him. This is also evident from their conversations with the media, which is evidence of the French leadership role over their warriors. This is because he never criticizes a contestant publically. This respect is transferred and helps to achieve a good relationship between him and the players. While many praise Zidane for the way he dominates the dressing room, others applaud the tactical class of specialists like Josephine Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. However, La Liga champions see things differently. In preparation for the final against Juventus in WS, the coach explained in detail why he had chosen any exercise during the training so his team was ready for the Cardiff match. As a result, three of the four goals in the game fell after playouts that were pre-trained. This gave the players a great deal of confidence in the qualities of the coach.

Zidane, however, keeps distance, and even after training, he leaves another door. So he gives them time and opportunity to rethink things and overcome any disagreement, not to get in touch with him right away.

Such conversations are held alone in his office and can continue for an hour,

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