The road to the World Series starts from New York and Phoenix

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The Yankees Stadium in Bronx and Phoenix Chase Field will have the honor of opening the playoffs in MLB in 2017. The road to the World Series begins with the two `Wild Card` eliminations that will resist in a crucial New York Yankees match analyzed by hockey rules againstMinnesota Twins in the American League and Arizona Diamondbacks against Colorado Rockies in the National League.

The winners of both fights will face the strongest teams in their league during the regular season;Cleveland Indians (102-60) and Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58) respectively.The Houston Astros (101-61) - Boston Red Sox (93-69) in the AL and Washington Nationals (97-65) - Chicago Cubs (92-70) in NL.The home advantage is for teams with a better balance that will be the last to attack the first two and eventually the final 5th match.

The opening Wild Card is only 48 hours after yesterday`s last dayfrom the league.On Tuesday (October 3rd), the `Yankees` (91-71) and the `twins` (85-77) were ranked second, respectively, in the Eastern and Central Division of the AL.The planned pitcher duel will be between Luis Severino (14-6, ERA 2,98) for the hosts and Ervin Santana (16-8, ERA 3,28) for the guests.

The Battle between `The Raging Snakes` (93-69) and the `rocky` (87-75), who finished second and third in the Western division of NL, is on Wednesday (October 4th).Starters are expected to be Zack Grinke (17-7, ERA 3.20) for Arizona and John Gray (10-4, ERA 3.67) for Colorado.Both play cards are starting at 20:00 East American time (3 am after midnight).


American League

Boston Red Sox - Houston Astros 3: 4
New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays 1: 2

Texas Rangers - Oakland Athletics 2: 5

Los Angeles Angels - Seattle Mariners 6: 2

Cleveland Indians - Chicago White SoxMinnesota Twins - Detroit Tigers 5: 1
Tampa Bay Race - Baltimore Orioles 6: 0

National League

Washington Nationals - Pittsburgh Pirates 8: 11
Philadelphia Phyllis - New York Mets11: 0
San Francisco Giants - San DiegoPadres 5: 4

Colorado Rockies - Los Angeles Dodgers 3: 6
Miami Marlins - Atlanta Braves 5: 8

St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers 1: 6

Chicago Cubs - Cincinnati Reds 1: 3


Kansas City Royals - Arizona Diamondback 2: 14

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