Zidane makes his favorite 11, Isko is a reserve

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Spain`s Real Madrid continues to disappoint his fans after he failed to beat Levante in a match advised by archive of hockey predictions of the 22nd round of La Liga, who finished 2-2. Zinedine Zidane again fell into the critics` eye for his moves before and during the fight. The French specialist deprived of Isco`s services to bet on the impersonal Gareth Bale today. At the end of the game, Zizou decided to take Cristiano Ronaldo, who saw the equalizer goal of Jampaolo Pacini on the bench in the 89th minute. Sergio Ramos (11) and Isko (81) scored for the Madrid team. For the hosts who were right at Cueat de Valencia were Emmy Boateng (42) and Pacini, who debuted with a big goal in Primera.

Zinedine Zidane could finally use his favorite lineup, betting Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo in front. The `victim` was Isko, who was waiting for a chance on the bench. Captain Sergio Ramos returned after an injury. The hosts started the meeting in a higher position. Their attempts at the press were not particularly successful. In the third minute, Benzema almost did not take the ball in the penalty area after Robert Pierre`s hesitant play. In the sixth Daniel Carvalhal centered on the right, Marcelo received an uncovered on the far beam, wondered whether to shoot or to center and finally head over the beam.

In the 11th, Benzema and Marcelo played in the penalty area, the Brazilian shot the diagonal and won the corner. Sergio Ramos rose to the corner, firing his head, Benzema swinging and losing goalkeeper Oyer - 0:1. That was hit number 88 for the defender in his professional career (50 of them with a head). He became the first defender to hit 14 consecutive seasons in the Primera Liga.

In the 14th Karim handed to Ronaldo, the Portuguese shook instantly - did not find the ball well and sent it too high. After the goal the `frogs` took off guard and rarely played with the ball. In the 29th, Benzema was taken to the penalty area but received the ball at a small angle to the door. Eyer had chosen an exact position and blocked it.

At the end of the half-time, there seems to be a relaxation in the ranks of `los Blancos`. The 42th Valencians were leveled out of nothing. Pedro Morales was defeated by Keilur Navas, but Emi Boateng was shot from the penalty area and found the net despite the resistance of the fallen Navas and the racing Ramos - 1:1. The second part started with a good chance for Sheikh Dukur - the ball went into the body of Rafael Varan. In the 56th, the ball was set for Ronaldo, who from eight meters shot at the defender`s foot and won only a corner. In the back-attack, the `blue-and-reds` started whirling forward, Jefferson Leonha got a chance near Navas, but from a small angle he headed to the head of the Costa Rican. In the 64th, Cristiano kicked a great 19 meters - goalkeeper Oyer watched, plunged and caught. In 66th Zinedine Zidane decided to take Bale static today and release Isko.

`Los Merrenges` hit hard in the remaining 20 minutes. In the 72nd Isco was released into the penalty area and punched - directly into the goalkeeper`s hands. Two minutes later, Ramos fought in the penalty area and?

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