Hockey tip General manager of Torpedo: Let`s imagine that Detroit calls Larionov. Will it be possible not to let him go? Everything changes in the sports world

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The general manager of Torpedo answered whether Igor Larionov received offers from top KHL clubs.

- This is the moment where you can say: The connection has been interrupted, I can`t hear. Let`s play the playoffs.

We would love to see everyone`s salary increased. But do not forget that there is a motivation system for good results. She is doing a great job at Torpedo this season - both for the players and the coaching staff.

Therefore, on our website, automatically if you are in order, you are great, you play great, the team has great results, your income increases.

- I like that we came to a conversation from whether the coach will fail, you are taking risks to the dialogue, whether he will remain with you, you have exceeded all expectations.

It`s cool to have this problem. This is a positive problem. We must not forget that we live in a sports world. And everything can change.

Let`s imagine the situation that now Detroit, which has not made the playoffs for the eighth year, suddenly calls Igor Nikolaevich to join them. Will it be possible not to let him go? Good question, right?

Larionov and I are discussing what is happening specifically today. Now we are preparing for the match predicted by link to hockey prediction with the Admiral.

Later we will approach the playoffs in detail. Focus is on the current day. In the sports world, everything is very fast and changeable, " said Maxim Gafurov.
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