Interview with Sarri:Me and the club have the option to break the contract

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His Napoli runs a single Serie A, from the first round of the championship:7 wins in 7 games, the most successful attack with 25 goals scored and a game by hockey predictions that admires half Europe. Maurizio Sarri, however, insists on keeping calm because Juve is the strongest team in the last 7-8 years in Italy and remains the favorite for scuddling. This is shared in an extensive interview with Gadgeta delo Sport, parts of which we present to you.
- For the second consecutive year you are in the group stage of the Champions League, which is a sign that you have brought your project to a higher level and you can finish it with winning the scudetto. Will Napoli be present in the longer term in your future?
- On the legal level yes, but in our contract there is a clause that allows for alternative decisions of the club, and to me (BA - there is a penalty for its termination of 8 million). At this point, however, leaving Napoli is the last thought that passes through my head. I feel inseparably connected with this city and with this team, though I am fully aware that at some point things are coming to an end in a very natural way. I have a lot of good things to say about our president (Aurelio De Laurentiis). He was the only one who showed the courage to take me to work, and that`s important to me. I hope I pay him back. There are many things to consider when it comes to the dissolution clause. It is bilateral, it does not depend only on me.

- How big are Luciano Spallet`s rewards for the revival of Inter this season?
- He is the top coach at the European level, giving enthusiasm and impressive strength to the team only within a month and a half. They definitely return to the big stage, from the first moment they showed competitiveness. But it was unthinkable for Inter to stay out of the elite for so many years.
`Have you ever thought about being a coach of Milan if Silvio Berlusconi had once listened to Arrigo Saky`s advice? `
`I would not have spent much time there if it was true what I read about Berlusconi`s interventions in the work of AC Milan coaches. A president who behaves in a similar way is hard to win on the pitch. But he was able to win so many cups and was so great a leader that I find what he talked about as a legend rather than the absolute truth.

- Which coach from those in the present comes closest to your football ideology?
`One of those who look at football in my own way and who manage to do big things is Marco Jampaolo. I appreciate him very much both as a coach and as a man.
`Will you overcome the sting of smoking if you win the scum? `
- I`d love to win it, smoking.

- People who dare to predict that you will be able to win this season are growing . . .
- Calm down! The current Juventus is the strongest team in the country over the last seven or eight years. For me, they are the favorites for the title, and it would be a show of high boldness to compare with them. I still do not know where we will be on our 100% of our potential, but I know that right now Juve is at a very different level from us. Relative to speak

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